Firms that embrace missions that go beyond generating a profit can attract more, and better quality, job applicants, according to a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The researchers, who launched a real company and recruited workers via Craigslist in 12 U.S. cities, found that they received a 25% boost in applicants by simply taking on a do-gooder image. More than that, the employees they hired were more productive and were even willing to work for lower pay than those brought on without such messaging.

The 21st century has been called the “Century of the Environment”.  Every corner, every sector, every industry, every organization, every household and every individual can, and many are, contributing to make changes toward sustainable development and commit to the Circular Economy.

Consider for your company, the following definition of corporate sustainability from the Symposium on Sustainability Profiles in Leadership” NYC, Oct. 2001: “A company’s ability to achieve its business goals and increase long-term shareholder value by integrating economic, environmental and social opportunities into its business strategies.”  This definition continues to mature with the UN’s SDGs 2030 agenda and broadening the three P’s to include Peace and Partnerships, along with Prosperity, Planet and People, the original triple bottom line concept.  The circular economy is also a newly evolving approach to ensure a closed loop system that applies sustainable development concepts.

The Global Sustainability Story continues to gain momentum and broad acceptance: We’re in a state of change and innovation. The top ranked companies today are demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and showing the financial markets they are generally showing better business results.

Chief Sustainability Officers, Corporate Social Responsibility Officers, and Environmental, Health and Safety Leaders are accountable for leading their organizations: 

How can your organization do more to strengthen and accelerate its response to the world’s challenges by connecting relevant organizational and talent capabilities to your sustainable development strategy?

Green Training Associates LLC specializes in consulting with business, environmental and higher education leaders on their critical role in advancing and achieving sustainable development goals.

We can guide you to expand your Human Resources Management (HRM) efforts. Where is your company in the maturity of its sustainable development journey?

  • Just Beginning
  • Moderately Involved
  • Progressing Positively
  • Very Mature

Green Training Associates will leverage our Sustainable Development Framework to diagnose and plan Training, Talent and HR solutions related to:

  • Improve innovation and development for your organization to leverage market opportunities and reduce environmental impact.
  • Develop people to be more competent, knowledgeable and skilled using training workshops, talent and culture change, coaching and career roadmaps produce measurable business results.
  • Build green workplaces so your culture fits with your values and strategies.
    Connect your leaders to effect systemic change across departments and levels of the entire company.
  • Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility brand in outreach, reputation and credibility to attract and retain new employees who seek employers that demonstrate commitment to SDGs.
  • Reduce costs and mitigate risks for Human Resources Management to protect your business.
  • Build green bridges between employers and higher education to connect our Emerging Young Leaders with sustainability & related degrees into your 21st century workforce.

“Our world depends on a collective effort to saturate the fabric of a company where employees make green decisions every day. We believe that sustainable development is not ‘something to do’ but it’s a way of integrating the mind, body and spirit of an organization.”

Pam Sammarco, President & CEO | Green Training Associates LLC

Through benchmarking, we partnered with NJHEPS to conduct an extensive research study and wrote a white paper on Sustainability Career Paths: A Blueprint for NJ Higher Education. Feel free to complete our Discovery Call form to request our white paper on Sustainability Career Paths: A Blueprint for NJ Higher Education.

Click on the Sustainable HRM Solutions™links relevant to your organizational needs for:

Training & Talent Development Client Needs

Our clients desire training and coaching for engaged and competent people to advance your sustainability priorities.

You may value assistance from a consulting partner to:

  • Build a business case for your Sustainability Training.
  • Create and execute sustainability learning strategies with methods and tools aligned with business objectives delivering desired performance impact.
  • Incorporate corporate sustainability strategy into existing training curriculum and competency models.
  • Design and develop custom training programs for corporate sustainability initiatives.
  • Develop education tools to implement sustainability strategy, including case studies, success stories and training materials.
  • Build general, and job-specific, educational information to raise environmental awareness.
  • Measure and report the impact of sustainability training.

Sustainable HRM Solutions™

Our customizable Training programs include:


  • The Sustainable You: Sustainability Simplified Program
  • Make Green Decisions Every Day: Breakthrough Mental Models
  • Social Sustainability & Professional Practice (Healthcare & Social Workers)
  • World Water Day Lunch n Learn
  • Earth Day Lunch n Learn
  • Ideas to Action: Team Innovation
  • Leading Change at Every Level
  • Manage Complexity with Critical Thinking Skills
  • Intelligent Risk Taking
  • Personal Resilience & Adaptability
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence
  • The Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Developing Culturally Intelligent Leaders

Coming Next!

  • Green Buildings Need Green People: Post-Occupancy & Getting Your Employees On-board
  • Engaging Green Consumer Habits
  • Building a Sustainable Culture
  • Coaching for Sustainable Innovation
  • Navigating Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Driving Long Term Shareholder Value by Optimizing TBL Strategies

Human Resources Client Needs

Employers have an imperative to build a sustainable workforce, aligned with business goals such as:

  • Attract, retain and develop the best talent to unleash your people’s potential and productivity to deliver extraordinary business results.
  • Incorporate sustainability competencies in job and internship requirements that are aligned with their sustainability priorities.
  • Develop college campus recruiting strategies and job descriptions for jobs, internships, externships and apprenticeships.
  • Educate you on sustainability degrees in NJ Higher Education.

Sustainable HRM Solutions™

We can help your HR Talent team with projects such as:

Workshops & Services:

  • Custom Leadership Retreats
  • Green Talent Acquisition
  • Building Green Bridges from Employers to Higher Education: Strategic Planning Sessions
  • HR’s Seat at the “Sustainability Table” Working Session

Coming Next!

  • The Green Learning Curve: Behavior Change Strategies
  • Understanding Green Competencies, Assessment, Performance
  • Green Workplaces
  • Sustainability Culture, Values and Strategies

Client Needs

Career seekers and education institutions have an imperative: improve workforce readiness with real-world requirements:

  • Students use career roadmaps, strengths coaching, tools and training to explore career choices.
  • Institutions discover solid matches between degrees, green job competencies, occupational titles, eligibility & qualification requirements.
  • Boost institutions ability to facilitate students’ career preparedness and workforce readiness.
  • Build green bridges between employers and institutions to connect our 21st century workforce.

Higher Education may seek consulting assistance to:

  • Match College Programs to Competency Development aligned with real-world Employer Requirements
  • Communicate about employment trends for sustainability careers, necessary core competencies, and job requirements.
  • Perform a curriculum review of degree and certificate programs to compare core competencies taught in a program with competencies sought by industries.
  • Train career counselors to support students and job seekers with educational and career paths consistent with the qualification and eligibility requirements of future employers.
  • Relate green curriculum and programs to occupational titles to demonstrate what students can do with a major.
  • Provide training and education to all stakeholders.
  • Deliver webinar series, workshops and tools to employers, higher education faculty, career services and academic counselors, students and job seekers.
  • Serve as sustainability career experts and guides for those seeking green careers.
  • Train career counselors to evaluate students in light of sustainability competency models and provide professional development recommendations.
  • Monitor, translate and report on sustainability employment trends, resources and labor market analysis in federal and state government.

Sustainable HRM Solutions™

Green Training Associates designed the Sustainable HRM Solutions Blueprint as a systems-oriented approach to building “Green Bridges to Higher Education”.

Workshops & Services:

  • Investing in Our Future of a Circular Economy: Let’s Explore Career Possibilities for Sustainability Professionals
  • The Sustainable You: Sustainability Simplified Program
  • Competency-Based Assessment & Employment Paths for Degrees
  • Building Green Bridges Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Personalized and customized career coaching Sessions

Coming Next!

  • Cultivating STEM Careers Paths
  • Sustainability & The Career Advisor’s Role Mini Series: Discovering Sustainability Careers
  • Landing a Green Job