How We Work with You

Green Training Associates LLC will lead you through a four-step process.

Step 1: Assess Your Current State and Future State of Your Goals

We will explore questions specific to your organization where we:

  • Review the current state of your talent and capture your objectives for the optimal or future state.
  • Plan your talent and training strategy together to achieve your goals and infuse timely and relevant solutions into your culture and organizational context.
  • Engage your executive team for sponsorship, endorsement and commitment.

Step 2: Design Solutions Aligned with Goals

Work with your leaders to plan organizational culture change, training, talent and competency development using our comprehensive analysis from Step 1.

Step 3: Implement Solutions and Track Improvement

Close the gap by collaborating with your organization leaders to make progress toward your goals. Green Training Associates LLC recommends integrated solutions from the vantage points of multiple internal and external stakeholders appropriate for your organization.

Step 4: Measure and Report Results

Working with you, we will establish an evaluation strategy to:

  • Track metrics
  • Review results
  • Report to leadership, stakeholders and shareholders
  • Adjust implementation, as needed and continue progress.

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