Green Training Associates will leverage our Sustainable Workplace Model to assess and plan Training, Culture, Engagement and People solutions related to:

  • Improve innovation and development for your organization to leverage market opportunities and reduce environmental impact.
  • Develop people to be more competent, knowledgeable and skilled using training workshops, talent and culture change, coaching and career roadmaps produce measurable business results.
  • Build green workplaces so your culture fits with your values and strategies.
    Connect your leaders to effect systemic change across departments and levels of the entire company.
  • Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility brand in outreach, reputation and credibility to attract and retain new employees who seek employers that demonstrate commitment to SDGs.
  • Reduce costs and mitigate risks for Human Resources Management to protect your business.
  • Build green bridges between employers and higher education to connect our Emerging Young Leaders with sustainability & related degrees into your 21st century workforce.

Your Needs

Sustainable organizations are broadly defined to mean that they balance their business strategy with people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships using a systemic approach, focused on short and long-term goals within and around its eco-system. Every company can contribute to building a sustainable future for itself, its people, its customers, community, our country and more.

Green Training Associates LLC has many innovative ways to help your company thrive. We partner with clients to deliver sustainable performance in every respect of a client’s talent ecosystem by connecting your employees’ development experiences to your business goals.

We started the business with the idea of ‘greening a people strategy’ which was completely innovative and almost unheard of in 2009, when Pam launched her consulting firm. Now, 11.5 years later, we offer green and sustainability training and HR solutions and much more, as reflected in the new Virtual Suites below and our popular learning solutions such as young and mid-level leader readiness training, coaching, mentoring partnerships, sharpening digital talent capabilities for STEM professionals, and employee-centric experiences.

Your goal is to deliver impact and positive TBL results by infusing your sustainability strategy into your business model. Green Training Associates can help you:

  • Drive innovation and change for your company to solve challenges and positive impact.
  • Hire and train your workforce with targeted and relevant skills and capabilities.
  • Improve your People and Talent programs to engage in green & sustainability behavior change, career paths, green competency models and early identification of interns and new employees.
  • Impact triple bottom line (people, planet, profits) by improving employee performance, career growth, engagement and retention.

Sustainable Workplace Solutions

We consult with business leaders on your critical role in advancing sustainable workplaces.

Your organization is optimizing its sustainability goals. What role does your people strategy play?

We provide a systemic approach to balance the main components of a strong people strategy to align with business objectives:

  1. Create a quality job strategy to recruit and retain talent that will lead your organization’s sustainable development.
  2. Help employees change habits and make green decisions every day.
  3. Embed sustainability and green competencies in your models and assessments plus enhance performance goals.
  4. Develop people to be more competent, knowledgeable and skilled to produce measurable business results with skill building workshops, applied to your sustainability initiatives.
  5. Build green workplaces to ensure your culture fits with your values and strategies.
  6. Connect your leaders to effect systemic change across departments and levels of the entire company. Ensure People Officers and HR Executives have a seat at the sustainability table as well as contribute to leadership retreats.
  7. Build green bridges to higher education in strategic planning sessions about recruitment of entry level professionals.

We welcome a strategy session with you!