Clients are Partners

We Work Together to Foster Sustainable Performance in Every Respect

Client Partnership Principles:

  • Green Training Associates believes that, as partners, we engage in an ethical and important commitment when interacting with you.
  • Your success in receiving and implementing a Green Training Associates’ solution is the primary objective.
  • We will always seek to earn your trust through solid partnership practices and behaviors, good communication and delivering knowledge and service excellence.

Experience and Service Excellence:

  • It is essential that Green Training Associates provides value and deliver exceptional performance through creative ideas, knowledge, skilled advice, and targeted solutions.
  • Our goal is to deliver service excellence in every respect and every step of our partnership.
  • Achieving your anticipated business results that meet or exceed your expectations is what inspires us to ensure we have analyzed the situation and matched an appropriate solution.
  • All of our client interactions are meant to build trust and a safe learning environment for your learners.
  • Our facilitation method means that we will engage in:
    • Authentic conversations
    • Skills practices
    • Online & paper-based skill inventories
    • Occasional pre-work
    • Workout sessions with direct application to job activities.


  • All aspects of our working relationship and interactions will be infused with proactive, honest and transparent communications.
  • We embrace your concerns and feedback and will proactively make continuous improvement, to ensure Green Training Associates lives its core values and Partnership Principles.

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