Your Sustainable Workforce Needs Training & Talent Development

A Tidal Wave of Change is Green Training Associates’ action-oriented theme that encourages everyone to drive changes that improve the world’s challenges. We need a Tidal Wave of Change to have a sustainable, positive impact on our global challenges.

Consider our future readiness if we collectively contribute to a tidal wave of change in every corner, sector, industry, organization, household and individual can, and many are, make changes toward sustainable development. We encourage you to address, with urgency, actions for the environmental, social and economic challenges we face.

Change means building capabilities with new skills to match your strategy. Green Training Associates’ unique value proposition is our ability to solve an organization’s problem, accelerate business growth, serve a business priority and improve organizational effectiveness. Green Training Associates core competencies are in green training!

We use our proprietary methodology, the GTA Performance Learning Ecosystem™, combining selected talent elements using customized requirements. We use an open, performance learning lab experience to ensure plenty of practical application time to real work assignments.

Your organization may value these types of services:

  • Build a business case for your Sustainability Training.
  • Create and execute sustainability learning strategies with methods and tools aligned with business objectives delivering desired performance impact.
  • Incorporate corporate sustainability strategy into existing training curriculum and competency models.
  • Design and develop custom training programs for corporate sustainability initiatives.
  • Develop education tools to implement sustainability strategy, including case studies, success stories and training materials.
  • Build general, and job-specific, educational information to raise environmental awareness.
  • Measure and report the impact of sustainability training.

Here is a recommended foundational set of Sustainability Skills for your Workforce.

For a deeper dive in our catalogs with descriptions and more information:

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