Every Company Can Operate with ``A Smart Planet`` Approach

Executives are dedicated to safeguarding a Smart Planet. You protect natural resources through your company’s sustainability strategy. To be effective, it’s time to increase your employee capabilities with GTA’s Sustainable Future Training Suite™.

Sustainability is everywhere, when you put on your ‘green lens’. It is mainstream commitment for every business. It serves a central purpose for organizational success. Employees learn, grow and participate in every respect! The drumbeat and heartbeat of Sustainable Development is human motivation and behavior change.

Executives have a vital and significant responsibility to prepare employees for the future of work. HR has become an increasingly important central force for a sophisticated people strategy. Additionally, the digital, virtual economy along with the War for Talent and a non-stop work culture is creating high stress, burnout and challenges work-life balance. The future of work will progressively become the future of worker wellbeing.

Your organization will thrive with our support for a Smart Planet by developing your employees’ capabilities using GTA’s Sustainable Future Training Suite™.

  • Fostering well-being as a business strategy for employee retention where you protect the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health of all employees
  • Supporting employees to make green decisions.
  • Cultivating employee engagement for a multiplier effect.
  • Leading climate action strategies.
  • Identifying the fundamentals of earth day and world water day to learn sustainability principles and planet impact.
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Green Training Associates

We Develop People's Capabilities to Solve the World's Challenges and Build Sustainable Organizations.

GTA’s Sustainable Future Training Suite™

A Tidal Wave of Change™ is our action-oriented theme that encourages everyone to drive action with an urgency that improves the world’s environmental, social, and economic challenges.

We work with you toward a more sustainable future that takes care of our world by balancing the 5Ps: people, planet, peace, prosperity, and partnerships. Green Training Associates will partner with you to accelerate business growth, develop your people and deliver sustainable performance in every respect.

How GTA Can Help

Promoting Employee Well-Being:

A Balanced Approach for A Sustainable Lifestyle*

A sustainable lifestyle is balanced with mind-body-spirit connections. You will discover the connections between happiness, well-being and good health which likely lead to improved focus and productivity for work and life activities. Learn how to incorporate concepts of mindfulness, meditation, resiliency and sustainable lifestyle to improve and incorporate more green living practices in your daily habits and life. We believe in green communities and want everyone to incorporate that ethos every day. This can include recycling, turning off lights, conserving water, or bringing air-purifying plants into your home or work. Small actions help you live a healthier life and also can save you money. Farm to table and healthy choices contribute to well-being.

Leading a Tidal Wave of Change™:

Employees Make Green Decisions Every Day

Sustainability demands consciously changing behavior and learning break-through mental models to move us away from a “single bottom line” approach to work and life. You will be more open to evaluating assumptions and decisions using “triple bottom line” criteria. You will relate to all the signs of green, media attention on what the buzz is, why it’s so pervasive and important and what changes you can make personally and professionally. You build knowledge, core concepts and definitions, scope and global impact. You will re-orient yourself with a more sustainable consciousness. You examine your “auto-pilot” behaviors. We directly apply “conversation to action” planning to build activities for your employees and your company.

Employee Engagement:

The Multiplier Effect for a Greener Culture *

You will certainly value the corporate sustainable brand that comes with caring about Corporate Social Responsibility. Your commitment can take many forms like dedication to a philanthropic cause aligned to your business model, volunteer activities as team building events, improving facilities like energy efficiency, recycling, reduced waste, using sustainable materials, office supplies, lightening, air quality, water efficiency, etc. Your office and employees will benefit from learning the basics that your company can provide a healthy environment, take care of employees’ well-being, save money and save environmental impact. Everyone can contribute so it can be a team building and employee engagement and motivation to find ways to feel good about coming to work every day in a sustainable, environmentally friendly workplace.

*New training course under development or ready for pilot. Contact us for updates at info@greentrainingassociates.com

Leading Climate Adaptation Strategies Performance Learning Lab Series™ *

This program series serves technical and operations leaders who will be more successful if the technical expertise with targeted, power skills to apply these skills to your business strategy, driving your Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Development priorities. Explore the eight corporate culture factors that enable leaders to effectively deal with complex problems. You will engage in a Climate Action Workshop and Computer-Based Simulation Game developed at MIT. You will be set in teams for Synthesis and Capstone workshops where deliverables on custom strategies are presented to your executive panel.

*New training course under development or ready for pilot. Contact us for updates at info@greentrainingassociates.com

It's Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day continues to grow as a worldwide phenomenon focused on promoting clean living and a healthy, sustainable habitat for people and wildlife alike. Celebrating Earth Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.  We’ve all heard about “being green” and “sustainable practices”. What do these terms mean? This course provides you with foundational knowledge of Earth Day, Earth Hour, Sustainability basics and other key terms. Brainstorm things you can do every day.   We create an action map for how everyone can make a difference:  Changing Our Way of Life and Our Way of Work.  You are invited to consider The Sustainability Continuum:  Green is EVERYWHERE! Just how big is sustainability? You raise consciousness and evaluate the consequences of our planet’s over-used resources and impact about our everyday actions.

World Water Day: The Essence of Life

This interactive session educates you about the world water shortage, consumer and company responsibilities to conserve this precious resource. Conserving Water and Energy are our Responsibility: Behavior Change! The United Nations sponsors an annual World Water Day. Since water and energy are closely interlinked and interdependent, we can exponentially impact both through making informed decisions, at home and in business. What ideas do you have to improve your approach to business? Water requires energy and energy requires water; Supplies are limited and demand is increasing.; Saving energy is saving water. Saving water is saving energy; The “bottom billion” urgently needs access to both water and sanitation services, and electricity; Improving water and energy efficiency is imperative as are coordinated, coherent and concerted policies.