Brandon Hall’s 2015 Report tells us: Only 10% of organizations feel that their efforts to build leadership capability support business goals.

In particular, only 10% of middle managers feel well-prepared for the challenges your business is facing.


Our Client’s Needs

Talent leaders are committed to corporate readiness requirements, shaping future leaders and their professional development path but you don’t know where to begin.

You know you need to align your three strategies but are not sure how to assess high potential talent, develop career paths and professional growth plans:

  1. Business Strategy ties to Leadership Strategy: The organization’s plan for placing leaders in key job roles by defining the skills, knowledge, and experiences required to reach current and future business goals.
  2. Talent & Leadership Strategy ties to Leadership Development Strategy: The organization’s plan for formal and informal development of leaders at all levels to ensure they, individually and collectively, have the essential skills, knowledge, and experience to lead the organization successfully now and in the future.

3. Leadership Development Strategy ties to Workforce Strategy where you start planning to grow your high potentials and emerging young leaders.

You either have no competency models or have them that are badly in need of updating with capabilities that will be required of your future leaders.

You have a strong need to begin or continue professional development of your mid-level leaders with the advent of your senior leaders and executives headed for retirement in the coming years.

You risk a lack of leadership continuity, have not built bench strength and have a limited readiness for your talent pipeline to “take the field”.

Green Training Associates’ Solution

We are here to help you! We design and facilitate leadership development journeys for two levels of leadership:

For Senior Leaders and Executives, we provide private coaching, 360 assessments and Hogan Predictive Leadership Assessment Development Planning. These solutions are highly personalized and customized to each individual. Let’s have a strategy session for your needs.

We facilitate workshops covering seven competency domain areas including: Leadership, Workplace and Business Strategy, Communication, Team Management, Personal Strength and Sustainability.

The Journey length is relative to the current state and desired state of your leaders’ professional development to ensure their readiness. We offer an assessment, nomination and selection process to determine which leaders are high potential and will be selected for your leadership cohort, who then go through the Journey together.

Green Training Associates has a proprietary GTA Performance Learning Ecosystem™ that delivers impact with customized self-directed and group learning experiences in an open lab environment to experiment with learning methods related to growth maps, and selected skills development.

Contact us today for a free 20-minute strategy session.