Our Client’s Needs

Talent executives are keenly aware that as your associates enter and elevate in your organization, people strategy skills are critical to identify and develop for your high potential talent.

You recognize that personality’s importance in Business has been rising for the following reasons. Personality:

  • Underlies our behavior, actions, reactions, and interactions.
  • Gives insight into how we execute business strategies, and manage change, conflict and people.
  • Gives information on individual and team strengths and blind spots, and organizational culture.
  • Influences our effectiveness at leading people.

Do you wish you had a more precise and predictive view of anticipating a leader’s performance through all aspects of the employee lifecycle, including Talent applications such as…

  • Talent Selection
  • Development
  • High Potential Leadership identification
  • Development Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Teamwork
  • 360
  • EQ
  • Sales
  • Judgment & Business Reasoning.

Green Training Associates’ Solution

Pam is certified to deliver Hogan Leadership Assessment Systems, a set of online predictive leadership analytic instruments and reports. Hogan is the gold standard for reliable, valid and superior analysis of leadership behavior in the workplace.

Green Training Associates has a Hogan Experience process, agenda, communication for before, during and after the assessment administration. We also utilize a template for interpretation reports. In addition to the formal Hogan Reports, we provide a summarized interpretation and linkage to workshops and development recommendations. We will host a series of meetings that will assist you and your target leaders to feel comfortable with what to expect of the Hogan experience.

To best utilize the Hogan report interpretations and other organizational performance and metrics, we can serve your organization’s needs to select, administer, interpret and report results for all talent applications.

We make recommendations toward development planning, curriculum and private coaching to close gaps identified by the report by creating a growth map for the target leaders.

You may also find useful our help in preparing a Leadership Scorecard for selecting, measuring, monitoring and tracking leadership potential over time.

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