Our Client’s Priorities

All technology executives align with three top business goals:

  1. Protect and grow your brand.
  2. Attract and retain talent.
  3. Grow revenue.

Tech executives are being asked to incorporate Sustainable Technology into the overall organization’s strategy.  And, here’s why that’s mission-central:  The heartbeat of sustainable development is the inter-disciplinary approach of science and technology to operate in the circular economy, solve problems, innovate, lead change, and drive human awareness, motivation, through a commitment to sustainable technology.

How can tech executives get there?  Technology intelligence or TQ is essential in every sector of leading-edge activity where innovation is fundamental. It is an essential component of Strategic Intelligence for an organization’s growth.

Technology Intelligence enhances the capacity to learn continually. In sectors where innovation is a continuous process, your teams continuously need “to learn” and “apply”. To fuel their progress, you need to identify all potential information to understand technology development and innovation.

Technology landscape including suppliers, customers, partnership which requires collaboration and multi-stakeholder engagement and other power skills to fuel the technology for actionable business results.

Technology Leadership has five business drivers:

Your organization’s digital talent will be more successful if you combine their STEM expertise with power skills that fuel your ESG and technology business strategy.

Green Training Associates’ Solutions

We’re here to help your organization develop Power Skills to Fuel Technology Intelligence (TQ).

What are Power Skills?

Power Skills are a curriculum of critical capabilities that develop the “POWER” skills (people skills) of your IT and all technical Professionals.

The business case for improving these capabilities is clear:

  • Your technical credentials, licenses and certifications are not enough to be successful in your organization.
  • Companies hire people for their IQ and fire them for missing EQ. Smart IT professionals need ‘people smarts’ too. ‘What we do’ is our job; ‘how we do our jobs’ is how we manage our work relationships.
  • Invest in your IT professionals’ growth and develop your team leaders’ abilities to improve interpersonal effectiveness to elevate technical expertise.

How do Power Skills relate to the Five Sustainable Technology Types?

When you develop IT leader and professional capabilities to innovate for opportunity, implement change, enable the business, drive efficiencies, and reduce risk.

You’ll move barriers out of the way of performance, build skills, improve collaboration, and achieve your performance metrics.

Why invest in developing Power Skills?

There are five valuable outcomes:

  1. Improve Employee Engagement and Retention
  2. Enables Upskilling and Reskilling Plans to support Career Paths
  3. Cultivate Continuous Learning Mindset & Culture
  4. Build Habits through Active Training
  5. Build Relationship Networks

The business case for improving power skills and capabilities is clear:

  • Your organization opportunity and industry transformation are NOW. You are focused on the ‘Big Picture’: how does technology support your organization’s growth strategy? The answer is Innovation = progress = sustainable technology.
  • Your teams will be more effective in generating ideas for technology that address marketplace opportunities and solve business problems.
  • Science and technology initiatives require cross-disciplinary and cross-organizational change.
  • There are constant waves of disruption – no quiet corners.
  • Intelligent risk taking is critical to proactively prepare and protect your organization since risk exists in every initiative.
  • Collaboration is essential: Work within Technology and Science departments; Work between these departments and the business.

Pam’s expertise in working in the technology industry for 24+ years brings demonstrated competence to Power TQ Skills Solution™. We target STEM professionals’ growth, including leaders and associate level programming.

In addition to technical expertise, workplace and people skills are encouraged and needed for success. We develop a series of customized learning experiences that support a continuous learning mindset and culture of developing associates.

To discuss your organization’s priorities to implement Power TQ Skills Solution™ complete our Discovery Call form to learn more…