Confidence Comes with CapabilityTM

In 2009, Pam Sammarco founded Green Training Associates LLC, a consulting firm, that serves organizational leaders to deliver excellence with powerful, needs-based consulting and effective relationship building with all organizational levels.

Pam is a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD), with more than twenty-five years of experience as a corporate training leader. We excel in consulting for companies in Sustainability, Life Sciences and Technology industries. We consult for local and global corporations in diverse industries such as healthcare, technology, energy, pharmaceutical, insurance, multi-media, payroll, management consulting, accounting, consumer products, financial services, and pharmacy benefit management. Visit Pam Sammarco Green Training Associates Profile for more insights.

Today’s learning and performance environment requires learning at the speed of the market. Our experience and solutions deliver impact for our clients’ business strategy. Our strength targets learning design with adult learning theory, personality styles, motivation and cognitive processes to improve leader and workforce productivity, engagement, skills and knowledge. We are deep behavior change experts who can improve productivity, engagement and performance.

We deliver excellence in research, analysis and bench-marking to embed the most effective instructional methods and thought leadership for skills development. We offer strong evaluation and assessment strategies coupled with implementation expertise to measure learning satisfaction, acquisition and impact.

We design, develop and execute solutions aligned with organizational objectives, positively impacting performance, career growth, engagement, and retention with demonstrated business impact through training metrics.

We also routinely provide performance coaching to help executives and leaders gain greater confidence and professionalism, as well as build their abilities in relevant skill areas through performance-based coaching and accelerated, personalized learning experiences.

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