Smart People Work in an Inclusive Culture

Executives hire and train Smart People and build an Inclusive Talent Culture. Talented people exist in all walks of life. If you don’t have a diverse workforce, you don’t have the best talent. Diversity of thought means the best, innovative ideas that keep your business competitive and relevant.

Leaders & employees who are skilled at behaving inclusively and fostering inclusivity in your organization are more likely to achieve better results and to be more successful in their roles.

Executives who seek to fill their organizations with Smart People recognize that your workforces and workplaces are dramatically shifting:

  • Is your organization prepared for changing demographics?
  • Can your pipeline identify and grow leaders and managers?
  • How are you promoting women and ensuring equality?
  • Is your culture inclusive with culturally intelligent leaders?
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Green Training Associates

We Develop People's Capabilities to Solve the World's Challenges and Build Sustainable Organizations.

DEI Leadership Training Suite™

With DEI Leadership Training Suite™, your organization will likely improve on all business indicators, when you build Smart People:
  • Maximize productive assignments.
  • Retain diverse associates.
  • Infuse well-being, safety, acceptance, and belonging.
  • Establish dynamic connections with the strengths of multi-generational workers.
  • Elevate women in the entire talent lifecycle –development, key projects, sponsorship, compensation, leadership roles.
  • Optimize multi-cultural team effectiveness.

How GTA Can Help

Generational Diversity:

Dynamic Connections for Workplace Effectiveness

Many companies today experience generational diversity that causes disruptions in their cultural norms and time-consuming interruptions in productivity and workplace inclusivity. These differences in workplace behavior create confusion, conflict and impacts productivity and processes. Generational Diversity creates a dynamic and rich corporate culture, connecting diverse professionals, leveraging the strengths of each generation quite well.

Leading with Confidence:

Practical Advice to Inspire Women Leaders to Transform the Workplace

It’s time to step forward with confidence, capability and credibility because women leaders should own your careers with aspirations to do what you love, be whomever you want to be and be successful. The Leading with Confidence course illustrates how you can become more confident, courageous and capable. Primary premises describe the vital role of these three elements have in the workplace and our lives. We introduce women to a specific understanding of building core capabilities and simple principles that create the basis for success in the workplace and our lives.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusivity Forum:

Interactive Conversations Labs {companion courses)

The DE&I Forum incorporates awareness of core concepts along with key company messages to a large group in a Town Hall format.  It is highly recommended to offer Interactive Conversation Labs using organic discussions with a semi-structured, highly dynamic, open conversation for small groups.  The facilitator will pose a series of questions that evoke participation, thoughts and feelings about the current state, the root causes, what’s working and what’s not, what does ideal look like in their eyes, etc.  These customizable questions will be issued as a pre-work assignment.  Participants are encouraged to come prepared to discuss but it’s okay to attend and simply listen to others.

Developing Cultural Intelligent Leaders

Leaders who are skilled at behaving inclusively and fostering inclusivity in their organizations are more likely to achieve better results and to be more successful in their roles. Your leaders don’t normally wake up daily believing they are going to devalue employees. This program will meet your urgent needs to develop team leader skills to increase self-awareness of unconscious bias, act respectfully and ethically and have tough conversations about uncomfortable topics. More than ever, leaders are expected to be transparent, show consistency from words to actions, and create an inclusive workplace.

Cultural Intelligence Skills:

The Tidal Wave of Change™ begins with You

This training course provides an overview of essential concepts in diversity, inclusivity and unconscious bias. It guides participants to discover culture as an integral part of a sustainable organization. This course encourages participants to become more open to diverse workplaces and have unconditional positive acceptance of colleagues where everyone is unique and as teams, can become stronger and more productive when integrating diverse ideas.

Building an Inclusive Workplace*

Talented people exist in all walks of life. If you don’t have a diverse workforce with an inclusive culture, you don’t have the best talent. Companies who have a strategic imperative will find this custom workout session valuable to utilize GTA’s 12-point Roadmap for building, adapting and growing your culture shift with a current state analysis and a future state plan. Typically, senior leaders, D, E & I leaders and Talent/People leaders will champion this effort with their cross-functional team.

*New training course under development or ready for pilot.  Contact us for updates at