Our Client’s Needs

Talent leaders are seeking to invest in professional development of their workforce.  When you align skills and capabilities to your business strategy, your associates are prepared to take on your business priorities, marketplace opportunities and challenges with strength, focus and rigor.

Your associates would value professional development workshops in competency areas.  You may provide product, systems or core business training for your employees, but do not have a large training department that can support interpersonal skills and people skills that would improve your organization’s effectiveness.  You would like a consulting partner to prepare and deliver training topics to your workforce.

Need tailoring for workshop materials or facilitation or prefer delivery “off the shelf”? 

Let’s talk about how to be most effective for your target audience and business requirements!

Need a fully designed, custom workshop for a topic specific to your organization? 

Put our creativity and expert instructional design approach to work for your needs.  Let us know how we can help!

Green Training Associates’ Solution

We have an extensive library of topics that can be delivered “off the shelf” or customized with key business themes and executive messages.

We facilitate workshops covering seven competency domain areas including: Leadership, Workplace and Business Strategy, Communication, Team Management, Personal Strength and Sustainability.

We can create workout session applications that would increase transfer of the training, when applied to work opportunities or situations.

Skills can be easily taken back to the work environment when practices give employees a chance to use them immediately.

Let’s connect to have a conversation about what skills you’d like to develop.

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