Accelerating Associates Growth and Performance with Targeted Behavior Changes in Your Associate’s Daily Practices

Talent executives are seeking a paradigm shift in personalized, socialized, adaptable, contextualized and transparent development experiences. Coaching will accelerate performance, growth and proficiency, coupled with professional development of core capabilities. Personalized and customized coaching can take many forms for all levels within an organization, such as:

  • Private coaching for individual associates may be needed to lift up performance and/or work relationships.
  • Selected, high potential talent associates will benefit from 1:1 coaching conversation.
  • Group coaching with an intact team or a group of associates with a common goal.
  • Team leaders, individually or as a group, may value our Get Fit Coaching Workshop to improve coaching skills with their associates.
  • Team Leader Management Briefings are available when cohorts participate in a learning solution curriculum.
  • Executives may benefit from more advanced coaching for strategic or relationship matters.
  • 360-degree assessments to gain multi-rater feedback.
  • DiSC Assessments (Leader, Manager, Associate) that provide a comparison report for two individuals who have personality differences.

GTA’s Accelerated Performance Coaching Service offers a series of 1:1 coaching sessions, personal assessments and targeted skills learning sessions that are intended to build confidence and interpersonal effectiveness. The primary goal is to improve skills, confidence and strengthen work relationships. Our coaching focuses on “whole-person” thinking and reflecting on talents and strengths, as central to their own values, self-development and growth.

Each associate will have a needs assessment to identify and prioritize performance gaps that will be transformed into a personal coaching development plan. The plan may have assessments and assignments for actions outside of the coaching time. Associates thrive best in an environment that focuses on helping them discover and apply their strengths and avoid derailers that inhibit performance and impede relationships.

Coaching supports fundamental principles that emphasize the positive aspects of associate effort and achievement, as well as their opportunities. Imagine ways to develop the individual strengths and opportunities so they may realize their personal potential and fulfill their life and career goals and contribute to a thriving community.

Contact us to learn more about Individual vs. Group Coaching, Coaching Methodologies, Supporting New Behaviors and Habits, Logistics, GTA Coaching Process and the Outcomes of Accelerated Performance Coaching™.

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