Practical Solutions to Select, Onboard, Develop & Retain Employees

New organizations are being created at a record rate.  Founders and leaders of new organizations manage many priorities, creating new products and services, securing funding, and many other start-up activities that take place during the early years of running a business.

Green Training Associates, a full-service Talent Development consulting firm, is here to help with your Talent Strategy Checklist to meet your needs.  We meet our clients where you are and contribute to your business goals by aligning your people strategy.  Your corporate priorities are our priorities dedicated to building your company’s talent development strategy, culture, and future readiness to succeed.

Your people are the heartbeat and drumbeat of a thriving organization!   With Pam’s help, let’s build your sustainable organization by investing in Practical Leader & Workforce Solutions to Select, Onboard, Develop and Retain Employees who will perform at their highest potential.

Download the Checklist PDF here:

Green Training Associates – Total TD Solution Checklist 2023

We provide fully customized consulting services for six essential talent development categories:

  1. Executive Guidance & Board Advisor
  2. Selection & Onboarding Methods
  3. Growth & Development Planning
  4. Thriving Organization Culture
  5. Career Path Tools
  6. Succession Planning Process