Smart Business builds a Growth Mindset.

Executives who envision company growth, while rapidly responding to marketplace and economic changes, are “Future Ready”. Company growth is reliant on an executive commitment to infusing a growth mindset in every leader and employee by developing emerging capabilities.

Smart Business Executives who invest in Continuous Learning Cultures create a Growth Mindset:

  • Clearly articulate organizational goals.
  • Cascade goals often and connect macro goals to project goals to employees’ performance goals.
  • Execute all efforts with an action-orientation, cross-functional and cross-disciplinary teams.
  • Perfectly align goals to talent development strategies for reskilling & upskilling.
  • Provide experiences with a laser-like focus on why, when, how plus skills transfer to the job easily.
  • Synchronize learning experiences to develop a core set of capabilities and skills.
  • Ensure individual, targeted learning experiences with personalized growth maps.
  • Develop resiliency, agility and workplace continuity in cultures for rapid responses to progressive and sometimes ambiguous business conditions.
  • Create connections for belonging, purpose and meaning for your central mission & vision.

Good growth experiences mean positive impact where employees:

  • Perform better = improved productivity, innovation, customer experiences.
  • Are more adaptable to move within your company.
  • Get promoted.
  • Are retained longer.
  • Deliver business value = grow revenue, expand margins, optimize efficiency.
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Green Training Associates

We Develop People's Capabilities to Solve the World's Challenges and Build Sustainable Organizations.

GTA’s Growth Mindset Training Suite™

With GTA’s Growth Mindset Training Suite™, we provide critical capabilities or ‘tools in the toolbox’ for Smart Business. Everyone speaks the same ‘skills language’ and has a common approach for key growth methodologies. We deliver essential courses for your company to thrive. We partner to connect development experiences to business goals to solve a problem, accelerate growth, serve a priority, and improve organizational effectiveness.

How GTA Can Help

Encouraging Innovation for Leaders

Innovative leaders are not necessarily technical experts or inherently creative. Rather, they have the skill to encourage innovation in others, creating informal and formal systems that invite, support, and reward innovation. Team Leaders develop skills to encourage innovation through your daily work activities and management strategies. You can tap into your employees’ creative processes and encourage ownership of the innovation each step of the way. You learn unleash employees’ creative potential and increase tolerance for mistakes and intelligent risk taking.

Team Innovation:

Ideas to Action Performance Learning Labs

Successful organizations actively encourage innovation from every employee, help people work together and think differently, and reward good ideas. This training performance learning lab encourages participants to contribute their creativity and intelligence for innovation as part of their work team processes to incrementally improve their organization. Innovation doesn’t have to be complex or difficult, and it’s not just for technical problems.

Leading Change at Every Level

Change is here to stay; there’s no doubt about it. But in today’s empowered workplace, leading organizational change has, well, changed. Studies show that leading organizational change efforts are more successful when they’re implemented by the people they impact most. Regardless of authority or position, the ability to champion change has become a key factor in professional and organizational performance. Leading Change at Every Level develops the five behaviors of effective change leaders.

Intelligent Risk-Taking

Taking a risk means stepping into a situation where the impact of your decisions and actions is uncertain and there is some possibility of loss or adversity. It requires a willingness to operate outside of your comfort zone and experiment with new ways of doing things. Many of us are reluctant to pursue opportunities that could result in significant company growth because of the risks involved. In this program, you will learn how to take risks with confidence by preparing yourself to take on an opportunity, assessing its impact, and managing the results.

Managing Complexity with Critical Thinking Skills

This workshop enables you to think independently, make better decisions, deal with change quickly and effectively, think more creatively, and be more self-reflective—thus, more receptive to self-improvement.

Critical thinking is a valuable skill in the workplace.  According to a study by The Conference Board, 400 senior HR professionals were asked to name the most important skill their employees will need in the next five years. Critical thinking ranked #1—above innovation or technology.   Critical thinking helps you to do the following: Detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning, recognize your own assumptions and biases, identify the importance and relevance of various ideas, and reach well-reasoned conclusions and solutions.  Attendees will learn tips and techniques to develop critical thinking skills to contribute to workplace problem solving and decision making.

Companion Courses for Managers & Associates: Resiliency, Agility & Productivity

Managers’ Version:  Leading Resilient, Agile & Productive Teams in a Virtual Culture

All Associates’ Version:  Practical Actions for Workplace Continuity

Managers’ Course Description:

This course energizes Team Managers who have an important role to be the glue for your remote teams.  Learn more about how to execute your essential role of maintaining and increasing your communication, connection, cadence, and accountability.  You will learn manager’s quick tips to coach and manage remote teams and maintain a positive mindset. You will improve productivity and workplace continuity via managerial best practices to lead in a virtual culture, host remote meetings, ensure well-being of employees, increase connections, sense of belonging and identify behaviors of successful remote workers.  We talk about leading with a whole-person approach, recognizing the human-side of responding to life and business.  Managers learn to be firm and flexible to engage, empower and support your teams during times of accelerated change and unexpected conditions

Associates’ Course Description:

This course guides you to be firm and flexible in response to the accelerating pace of change and unexpected conditions.  The virtual workplace is here now and, going forward will be the standard for many employees.  We talk about the human-side of responding to life and business.  We encourage you to take a whole-person approach in life and work.  Our conversation explores Future Readiness and describes a model of Mindfulness, Learning, Adapting, Growing and Transforming.  Resilience is not extraordinary or unattainable, everyone can learn how to navigate by re-framing your mindset, shifting your thinking and forming new habits.