Building a Culture of Sustainability in your workforce is an essential component to ensure you align your people to your organization.

We started the business with the idea of ‘greening a people strategy’ which was completely innovative and almost unheard of in 2009, when Pam launched her consulting firm. Now, many years later, we offer green and sustainability training and HR solutions and much more, as reflected in the new Virtual Suites below and our popular learning solutions such as emerging and mid-level leader readiness training, coaching, mentoring partnerships, sharpening digital talent capabilities for STEM professionals, and performance learning experiences

Green Training Associates LLC has many innovative ways to help your company thrive. We partner with clients to deliver sustainable performance in every respect of a client’s talent ecosystem by connecting your employees’ development experiences to your business goals.

What are your organization’s future readiness challenges?

Green Training Associates partners with organization leaders to improve workforce readiness with sustainability training and 21st Century skills development. We offer a unique blend of training courses and services supporting your company, channeling your employees’ passion for protecting the environment. Your organization may desire to build a sustainability culture infused with the elements toward a green business environment from green workplace, energy efficient facilities and conservation, green supply chain, etc.

Your Needs

Deliver business results on your sustainability strategy.

Drive innovation and change for your company to solve challenges and positive impact.

Hire and train your workforce with targeted and relevant skills and capabilities.

Improve your Talent programs to engage in green & sustainability behavior change, career paths, green competency models and early identification of interns and new employees.

Impact triple bottom line (people, planet, profits) by improving employee performance, career growth, engagement and retention.

What is a Quality Job Strategy? How can Green Training Associates LLC help your organization ensure a stronger match between the competencies of your workforce strategy and corporate sustainability objectives?

Green Training Associates improves your employees’ workforce readiness through a review using:

  • course materials
  • instructor interviews
  • green occupation data
  • green competency models
  • industry competency models
  • industry career path models
  • employment outlook and labor market data for the related industry
  • market-based job descriptions for occupational title(s) related to your workforce.

What does your leadership expect your employees to know, perform and deliver when it comes to being a sustainable organization?

YOUR DEFINING MOMENT: Employers seek fully competent and engaged sustainability and green employees to perform jobs demanding 21st century skills where they create innovative products, services and processes, solve customer problems, think critically and contribute with culturally-competent, team-oriented behavior.

YOUR CALL TO ACTION: Invite Green Training Associates LLC to help your organization ensure its training curricula reflect green and sustainability competencies validated from the marketplace, deliver employees to your sustainability objectives with the highest performance.

What is the outcome of this Quality Job Strategy Review?

You will receive a recommendations & findings report presented to key organization leaders, for each selected curricula to ensure your training programs prepare employees with sustainability and 21st century skill competencies that are related to real-world industry and eligibility and qualification requirements for the relevant occupational title(s) and industry.

We welcome a strategy session with you!