What Clients Have to Say About Green Training Associates LLC

Liana Scobie
VP, Financial Performance and People Operations / TerraCycle and Loop
We first met Pam when she hosted a Lunch 'N Learn for our company about positively influencing decision making and consciously changing behavior. She helped us examine our auto-pilot behaviors.  We discovered underlying assumptions to make better, triple bottom line choices. Considering her sweet spot, "The Tidal Wave of Change", we had Pam return to hold a Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity Forum.  Pam facilitated a follow-up conversation in a creative lab format. Pam went above and beyond in tailoring the curriculum to our needs. She was very thorough and communicative in the process, clearly conveying her expertise and passion for spreading awareness through consultative training, and outperforming expectations.
Alex Dubro
Emerging Sustainability Leader, Pam’s Client for Career Coaching & Leadership Training
Pam gave a seminar to my graduate school cohort at Stevens Institute of Technology in the fall of 2019. I was more than excited to learn from her, as she’s successfully used her 30+ years of experience to successfully craft her own talent development firm. Since then, however, she has done much more than I could imagine, graciously mentoring me as I navigate the career successes/achievements and challenges/roadblocks. In other words, the highs, and lows. As you’ll quickly learn, Pam is an incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and well-prepared coach and instructor who can discuss with ease the intricacies of what it's like to work in sustainability. For me, she’s translated hiring trends of sustainable finance and ESG and explained how the applicant tracking system (ATS) is unique to this field. More importantly, she’s coached me on how to differentiate myself—and how to remain resilient when the going gets tough. Again and again, Pam amazes me with her empathy, support, and (truthfully) magnanimity, as our conversations often go beyond an hour, more than the allocated time space. Not once have I met a career coach (or mentor) so talented yet so kind and giving. If you’re just starting your career or are a seasoned sustainability professional, securing Pam's consulting services will be an absolute boon, as she’ll deliver expertise and excellence to meet your goals and exceed expectations. I write this recommendation with absolutely no hesitations and only look forward to her future support.
SVP, Human Resources for a Regional Insurance Company
Pam has been a valued and trusted consulting partner from the start of our business relationship in 2014. During a time of enterprise transformation, we began a brand-new path of building ‘Leader Readiness’ with the goal of preparing high potential team members for future leadership in our organization. Pam brought best-in-class recommendations to design, develop and facilitate a Leadership Development Program with a series of customized skills workshops, private 1:1 coaching, live business initiative projects and other critical elements such as a mentoring program. To predict leadership potential, Pam, certified in Hogan Leadership Assessment Systems, measured and analyzed participants across nine competencies and delivered in-depth interpretation and development planning meetings. Business results are visible with graduates achieving key goals, resulting in the promotion of seven of the 20 associates within a year of graduation.
Leslie Danehy, Ed.D
Assistant Dean & Executive Director of the BOLD Center for Women in Leadership, Rutgers University - Douglass Residential College
Pam was engaged by The Douglass Residential College BOLD Center to develop and facilitate two workshops for The Douglass Residential College Externship Experience Program.  Pam delivered a program called Practical Advice for Young Professional Women Leaders: Inspiring You for Your First Job Experience and Lifelong Career Success to prepare 160 young women leaders to participate in their externship experiences.  Pam, a Douglass Residential College alumna, described her own externship experience, which made the workshop very valuable, since she walked the same path before these young women. Pam facilitated an interactive, dynamic session of what employers want from their associates, conversations about values at work, company culture and work environment, stories, core professional skills like effective meetings, basic project management tips and business etiquette.  Our participants practiced a great business handshake!  The participants also received an Externship Experience Skills Toolkit. Pam’s favorite saying:  Developing Confidence is an OUTCOME of Developing Leadership Capability is exactly why we delivered this skills-building session for these young women leaders, as they get ready for lifelong career success. Pam is highly recommended for organizations who wish to lift up the workforce readiness of their young professional leaders.
Kathy Sherwood
Senior Partner, Sherwood Learning & Talent Solutions
Pam Sammarco is a valued colleague of Sherwood Learning Solutions and has worked with us over the past several years as a learning consultant and senior instructional designer. Pam has worked on instructor-led and e-learning products in diverse industries such as energy, pharmaceutical, media, and consumer products. Among Pam’s many contributions are her creativity, unwavering focus on quality, and her commitment to achieving the goals of the training to apply and sustain learning in the workplace. Her strong corporate client experience helps advance leader and employee performance through superior, high impact learning solutions. She fully utilizes her 20+ year training career in four major corporations to assess the business need and organizational context for behavior change. Pam develops targeted and measurable learning solutions, responding to the business need and priorities to improve relevant employee skills and knowledge, ultimately delivering positive business results. Pam has a true devotion to the learning and development profession and is able to work collaboratively with clients and colleagues alike to ensure a successful outcome for every project.
Donald F. Wheeler, Ph.D
Senior Advisor, New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability & Emeritus Professor of Sociology & Global Studies, Kean University
What a delight to work with Pam Sammarco! She is smart, funny, warm, extremely capable, completely reliable, a top professional in her field, meticulous about important details and not hung up on the small stuff.  When I met Pam for the first time at a Clean Energy workshop held by NJHEPS, the non-profit I serve, I was so impressed with her ability to grasp our needs and suggest useful strategies that I called Dr. Tom Bryant, co-chair with me of our Sustainability Education Team, to come meet her.  We three sat down in a spacious student lounge at Stephens Institute of Technology with a great view across the Hudson to New York City.  After two hours of great strategizing together, Pam had joined us as a full partner in a new initiative. “Pam played a key role in developing a strategy to create “communities of practice” (on-line & face-to-face) to advance our work in such areas as Healthy Food and Sustainable Food Systems, Environmental Justice and Higher Education in New Jersey, Technology Transfer and Marketing New Sustainability Products, and one of Pam’s areas of particular expertise, Behavior Change Toward Sustainability. Pam’s outstanding organizing skills were put to good use in planning and leading a very successful workshop to launch the initiative with over 100 college and university faculty and administrators from the NJ/NY metropolitan area. Pam brings a rare combination of gifts to the field of sustainability: a profound understanding of sustainability in its interrelated economic, social, environmental and health dimensions; passion, clarity, and solid information in getting her message across; empathy and persuasiveness with a wide variety of audiences in academia, business, government or  education including students; and organizing skills--- all of which work together to make Pam a powerful  change-agent for sustainability in the lives of many.”
Carmine P. LaMarca, MS, MA
President Verde Consultants in a referral letter to Essex county college for Dr. Mittman
It is a great honor to recommend Pam Sammarco of Green Training Associates, as an adjunct faculty member to teach the Principles of Sustainability Course for the Biology and Chemistry Division. Pam has developed and delivered instructionally sound training material for many years and has considerable presentation skills experience. She is well versed in sustainability, especially from a human performance standpoint.   Pam was trained on the delivery of the Principles course and I am quite pleased to have her deliver it at Essex. Pam provides many years of experience in corporate learning and performance. As a training professional, she provides significant capabilities to deliver this course and will exceed your expectations to provide an excellent educational experience for these students.
Leslie Clifton
Lead Instructional Designer
I’ve known Pam for many years and have the pleasure of working closely with her on a New Hire Sales Academy program. Pam is highly skilled in coaching young professionals and masterfully crafts sales skills programs whereby learners are encouraged to test their new skills in a safe environment. Pam has always impressed me with her knowledge and comfort in technology industry. Additionally, she is highly knowledgeable in the transference of business process knowledge and financial acumen to new hires. She also uses her extensive knowledge to help assess needs and create programs to help develop professionals in the areas of technology, finance, business acumen, communication skills, and leadership intelligence. I look forward to working with Pam again in the future.