Purpose-Driven Statement

Green Training Associates LLC (2009), develops people’s capabilities to solve the world’s challenges and build sustainable organizations.  We accelerate business growth through Training, Talent, Coaching and Career Solutions.   Business confidence and exceptional performance are outcomes of developing the right capabilities.

Green Training Associates’ Commitment

Our purpose driven mission serves to educate, train, coach and mentor people to be aware, change their thinking, motivate intention and drive new behaviors into habit.

Our goal is to develop people’s competence to solve the world’s challenges.  We accelerate business growth with Training, Talent, Coaching and Career Solutions. This is our passion, our competence and our experience to contribute to the world.

We designed our logo with purpose to represent several messages:

  • The world needs a tidal wave of change to respond to the sense of urgency for many challenges. We deliver behavior change into habits via learning solutions that drives organizational impact.
  • The circular economy is a closed system using a regenerative approach to minimize resources input and waste output for effective, proactive environmental protection.
  • Hydropower is a natural source of renewable energy.
  • And, of course, our love for the ocean and the life under water that needs to be protected.

We are dedicated toward serving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals:

Learn more about the United Nation’s Agenda


Prepare your leaders and workforce to be capable, competent, knowledgeable and skilled, supporting your organizational strategy and accelerating business growth.


  • Results-Driven Action with Urgency
  • Dedicated Excellence in Programs and Solutions
  • Partnership Orientation
  • Strong and Deep Competence and Experience
  • Pursuit of Growth and Learning

Professional & Personal Commitments

Pam is dedicated toward the following efforts of:

  • Being a long-time science and technology enthusiast and has worked as a training leader in the technology industry for 20 years contributing to progressive and innovative cultures
  • Mentoring many professionals on careers and other professional endeavors to enable their future, their careers and life success.
  • An active Rutgers-Douglass alumna through local programs to support young women students by serving on career panels, networking, mentoring and skills development.
  • Engaging in supporting women in leadership and gender parity remediation.
  • Sitting on the Board of Directors for a non-profit professional association.
  • Planning to sit on the Environmental Commission for her township (pending open Board position).

Personally, Pam…

  • Lives daily practices toward mindfulness, mind-body-spirit connection as a lifelong yoga practitioner.
  • Engages in sustainable investing.
  • Enjoys a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Is an avid recycler.
  • Is a nature photographer.
  • Donates to charitable organizations to help others in need and reduce landfill impact.
  • Cooks farm-to-table with our NJ farmers’ fruits and vegetables to support the local economy.

Active Membership or Participation:

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