Our Client’s Needs

Our clients find a strong need to accelerate the growth of your emerging and/or mid-level leaders through a sponsorship program that provides dedicated time to form partnerships internally to your organization.

Perhaps you need reverse mentoring?  Our processes, tools and program materials are adaptable to your multi-generational needs.

Your talent strategy outlines a gap and you must strengthen the leadership infrastructure within a specific time frame for your succession plan.

Talent executives typically seek solutions the following business requirements to accelerate the readiness of their talent pipeline:

  • You have a senior leader and executive team that have a wealth of experience and expertise that hasn’t found its way to be consistently shared with your mid-level and emerging leaders.
  • Your organization has a approach and the mid and emerging leaders have limited exposure to the:
    • advanced capabilities of the organization’s strategy,
    • how executives make decisions,
    • take risks,
    • apply judgment,
    • navigate internal and external stakeholders,
    • drive the business toward goals and
    • respond to industry trends and competitive challenges.

Green Training Associates’ Solution

We build mentoring partnership programs using a combination of tools and methods for recruiting and selecting mentors, mentee readiness, a matching process for mentees to select mentors, workbooks, mid-point check-ins and other processes and tools for a structured way to introduce and build the relationships for essential connections.

Mentoring and sponsoring partnerships are particularly effective when transferring senior leader knowledge to the young or emerging leaders to accelerate growth. As our workforce demographics continue to change, we have expertise to serve 21st century skills development and learning needs for emerging leaders.

It’s particularly effective to combine the either the Midlevel Leadership Readiness Solution™ or Vital Leadership Intelligence™ Solution with Essential Connections™ together for skills development and mentoring, connecting the dots of skills plus business applications.

Essential Connections™ implementation will promote a deeper understanding of your organization through familiarization of the various departments and their functions. In addition, mentoring and sponsoring partnerships will strengthen internal relationships. The Mentors will take a personal interest in the mentees’ development. They will share knowledge, skill and experience with those they sponsor while offering support, challenge, patience and enthusiasm as they guide the participants to new levels of competence.

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