Solutions, Programs and Services Overview

We offer a range of solutions. Please browse the summary pages and certainly contact us for more information on how a solution may be a good fit to serve your priorities and solve your challenges.

Sustainable HRM Solutions™

Firms that embrace missions that go beyond generating a profit can attract more, and better quality, job applicants, according to a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The researchers, who launched a real company and recruited workers via Craigslist in 12 U.S. cities, found that they received a 25%Continue reading

Sharpen Your Digital Talent Capabilities for STEM Professionals™

Our Client’s Needs The heartbeat of sustainable development is the inter-disciplinary approach of science and technology to find business opportunities to operate in the circular economy, collaborate to solve problems, innovate, lead change and drive human awareness, motivation and commitment to form new habits, embracing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.Continue reading

Essential Connections: A Mentoring Partnership Program™

Our Client’s Needs Our clients find a strong need to accelerate the growth of your emerging and/or mid-level leaders through a sponsorship program that provides dedicated time to form partnerships internally to your organization. Perhaps you need reverse mentoring?  Our processes, tools and program materials are adaptable to your multi-generationalContinue reading

Vital Leadership Intelligence for Emerging Young Leaders™

Our Client’s Needs Talent Executives have a sense of urgency to build bench strength for their organization to continue to succeed. The business case is clear: Competition for attracting, retaining and developing smart and prepared emerging leaders is heating up around the world in the war for talent. Companies haveContinue reading

Hogan Predictive Leadership Assessment Experience

Our Client’s Needs Talent executives are keenly aware that as your associates enter and elevate in your organization, people strategy skills are critical to identify and develop for your high potential talent. You recognize that personality’s importance in Business has been rising for the following reasons. Personality: Underlies our behavior,Continue reading

Mid-level Leadership Readiness Journey™

Brandon Hall’s 2015 Report tells us: Only 10% of organizations feel that their efforts to build leadership capability support business goals. In particular, only 10% of middle managers feel well-prepared for the challenges your business is facing.   Our Client’s Needs Talent leaders are committed to corporate readiness requirements, shapingContinue reading

Skill-Building Competency Workshops

Our Client’s Needs Talent leaders are seeking to invest in professional development of their workforce.  When you align skills and capabilities to your business strategy, your associates are prepared to take on your business priorities, marketplace opportunities and challenges with strength, focus and rigor. Your associates would value professional developmentContinue reading

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