Pam was engaged by The Douglass Residential College BOLD Center to develop and facilitate two workshops for The Douglass Residential College Externship Experience Program.  Pam delivered a program called Practical Advice for Young Professional Women Leaders: Inspiring You for Your First Job Experience and Lifelong Career Success to prepare 160 young women leaders to participate in their externship experiences.  Pam, a Douglass Residential College alumna, described her own externship experience, which made the workshop very valuable, since she walked the same path before these young women.

Pam facilitated an interactive, dynamic session of what employers want from their associates, conversations about values at work, company culture and work environment, stories, core professional skills like effective meetings, basic project management tips and business etiquette.  Our participants practiced a great business handshake!  The participants also received an Externship Experience Skills Toolkit.

Pam’s favorite saying:  Developing Confidence is an OUTCOME of Developing Leadership Capability is exactly why we delivered this skills-building session for these young women leaders, as they get ready for lifelong career success.

Pam is highly recommended for organizations who wish to lift up the workforce readiness of their young professional leaders.