Our Client’s Needs

Your organization’s digital talent will be more successful if you combined their STEM expertise with targeted, power skills that enable and enhance your science and technology business strategy.

Digital Talent exists in every organization and vertical industries.  Green Training Associates can support your technical professionals.  We excel in Sustainability, Environmental Science, Life Science and Technology Industries.

Let’s look at some vertical industry examples for where we can sharpen your digital talent capabilities.

The heartbeat of sustainable development is the inter-disciplinary approach of science and technology to find business opportunities to operate in the circular economy, collaborate to solve problems, innovate, lead change and drive human awareness, motivation and commitment to form new habits.

Our clients demand that we enable employees’ capabilities directly aligned to innovate for opportunity, drive efficiencies, implement change, enable the business and reduce risk. We work to move barriers out of the way of team leader and STEM associate performance.

CIO, CISO and Scientific executives expect to have teams that operate well with sharp expertise and superior inter-personal effectiveness.

The business case for improving these capabilities is clear:

  • Companies hire people for their IQ and fire them for missing EQ. Smart professionals need ‘people smarts’ too. ‘What we do’ is our job; ‘how we do our jobs’ is how we manage our work relationships.
  • Your organization opportunity and industry transformation are NOW. You are focused on the ‘Big Picture’: how do science and technology support your organization’s growth strategy?
  • Innovation = progress = sustainable development.
  • Generate ideas for science and technology that address marketplace opportunities and solve business problems.
  • Science and technology initiatives require cross-disciplinary and cross-organizational change.
  • There are constant waves of disruption – no quiet corners.

Green Training Associates’ Solution

Pam’s expertise in working in the technology industry for 20 years brings demonstrated competence to Sharpen Your Digital Talent Capabilities™. We target STEM professionals’ growth, including leaders and associate level programming.

In addition to technical expertise, workplace and power skills are encouraged and needed for success. We develop a customized series of learning experiences that support a continuous learning mindset and culture of developing associates.

We develop critical capabilities enable the power skills of your STEM Professionals:

  • Professional growth and targeted, power skills are instrumental to success.
  • Science & Technology = business growth. STEM professionals contribute to growth and competitiveness when they take ideas into action with team innovation.
  • It’s human to be uncomfortable with change, and yet, they will learn to lead change to design, develop and implement your initiatives.

We have a proprietary GTA Performance Learning Ecosystem™ that delivers impact with customized self-directed and group learning experiences in an open lab environment. They will experiment with learning methods related to learning road maps and power skills development needs. This semi-structured learning lab empowers the learners while simultaneously creates accountability for ownership of the individual and team learning processes.

Your participants will bring live business opportunities and sit in their intact or cross-functional teams to apply each workshop’s methodology with read-outs to your stakeholders. We put substantial effort into learning experiences by improving retention and skills transfer ‘close to the job’ actions.

To receive an overview about the Sharpen Your Digital Talent Capabilities for STEM Professionals™, the Development Process, the GTA Performance Learning Ecosystem™ and the Outcomes of Sharpen Your Digital Capabilities™, complete our Discovery Call form to learn more…

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